TheTuningSPOT is a 7000 square foot, totally secure facility with eight bays:

  • ⊗Two 2-post lifts
  • ⊗One 4-post lift
  • ⊗One low-rise scissor lift
  • ⊗Four flat bays
  • ⊗More lifts are scheduled for the future!

Each bay rental includes a rolling table and a full set of commonly used tools: SAE and Metric socket set and wrenches, and a range of screwdrivers, allen wrenches, pliers and hammers. Specialty tools such as torque wrenches, air-tools, diagnostic equipment and others too numerous to mention are also available for rent. For more info on tools and rental please see Rental Info - Specialty Tools for Rent

We are also very excited to offer our customers ALLDATA®repair! ALLDATA® is the world’s most extensive auto repair database featuring diagrams, how-to's and specs for just about every car known to man! So you can be sure that there is no job we can't help you accomplish.

FREE Mechanical Assistance is also included with every bay rental if you are unsure how to do something or just need an extra pair of hands. That being said, we are NOT here to do the work for you. If you are unable to complete a task you can hire one of our team to fix it for you at $50/hr.

We stock all kinds of fluids, oils and car care products for sale, and can help you get the best deal on parts from our local auto parts stores. They even deliver!