All bays have a 1 hour minimum charge and are then charged in 30 minute increments we won't be watching you by the minute, don't worry. If you need to wait for a part to be delivered we will stop the clock for you and if it turns into a longer wait or a bigger re-build job we do have storage and long-term pricing options. If you need to do a big job we have special rates based on Daily, Weekly and Monthly rentals.

The only tasks we cannot do at TheTuningSPOT are welding, paint spraying (small amounts of canned spray painting is fine), tire installation and front wheel alignments. These jobs require highly specialized equipment and knowledge and are best left to other shops or specialists that can handle them. We can recommend some to you if need be.

We strongly encourage making a reservation for your bay rental, especially on weekends. This can be done here on our website, or by calling 573-447-8099. Your bay be will held for you until 15 minutes after your reserved start time. If you are running further behind please just call us and we'll do what we can to hold your bay for you.