Standard Tool Package

All bays come with the same standard tool package included.
  • ⊗Rolling Table
  • ⊗145 Piece Socket, Wrench and Allen Wrench Set (SAE and Metric)
  • ⊗Pliers Set
  • ⊗Screwdriver Set
  • ⊗Wire Brushes
  • ⊗Safety Glasses
  • ⊗Magnetic Dish
  • ⊗Magnetic LED Light
  • ⊗Rag

Other simple tools like a bigger or smaller wrench, tire gauge, large pliers, etc, are available at no extra cost you just have to ask!

Specialty Tools for Rent: $5 Open Access

If you need something in addition to the standard tool package we have virtually every tool for any job available for rent far too many to list. That being said there are a few examples listed below. There is a $5 one-time-charge (per visit) to gain access to ALL of these tools.
⊗Brake Caliper Service Kit
⊗Torque Wrench
⊗Breaker Bar
⊗Diagnostic Equipment
⊗Air Tools and Sockets
⊗Soldering Kit
⊗Power Drill
⊗Break Bleeder Kit
⊗Tap and Die Set
⊗Compression Tester

Shop Equipment

All standard shop equipment is free for use all we ask is that you let us know before you want to use something. Some of these items include:
  • ⊗Oil Drain Pans
  • ⊗Large Work Table and Bench Vice
  • ⊗Bench Grinder
  • ⊗Floor Jack and Stands
  • ⊗Motorcycle Jack
  • ⊗Compressed Air for Tires
  • ⊗Extension Cords
  • ⊗Shop Vac